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How Fetch Works

  • Scan every item as you shop

    Use your smart device's camera to scan the barcode
    of items you choose, including produce and bulk items.

  • Get rewarded with Fetch Points and Fetch Deals

    Savings are automatically applied in the form
    of exclusive deals and rewards points.

  • Tap "Checkout" when you're ready to pay

    The cashier will scan your checkout barcode
    and conduct a quick security check, while you pay
    as you normally would. Then you're on your way!

Save More Money

  • Gain access to exclusive Fetch Deals

    Fetch Deals are automatically applied
    as you scan your items.

  • Earn Fetch Points on every scan

    Fetch Points are virtual cash that you earn for
    every scan. You'll also receive bonus points
    along the way, just for being your awesome self!

  • Redeem your Fetch Points to receive FREE items

    Once you've earned enough points,
    use them by selecting which items in your
    cart you want to be free. Yup! F-R-E-E.

Shop With Ease

  • Track your spend as you shop

    Always know how much your spending as your
    running total updates with every scanned or deleted item.

  • Create shopping lists so you never forget an item

    Forget pen and paper, create your
    lists directly on the Fetch app.

  • Speed up checkout

    No need to unload every item again.
    Simply pay and go straight to bagging.

Have More Fun

  • You'll love Fetch Points

    Watch your Fetch Points accumulate, getting
    you closer and closer to your next bonus.

  • Fun for all ages

    From grandparents to kids, Fetch is great
    for engaging the whole family.

  • Leave the store happy

    More savings, easier shopping, and more fun
    along the way. What's not to love?!

Fetch for smarter shopping! Download the free app now.